Mehndi by Masu

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Pricing Matters

Setting the ideal price for bridal henna involves balancing the artist's skill and time with the emotional value it holds for the bride's special day. The pricing should account for design complexity, application duration, and extras, honoring the artistry and sentimental importance of the henna for the bride's wedding journey.

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Mehndi Packages


Hands: From fingers up to middle of forearm
Feet: From toes up to ankles

Starting at $700


Hands: From fingers up to elbows
Feet: From toes up to ankles

Startinig at $750

Custom Elements

Bride and Groom
Sports Teams

Starting at $25

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Is the mehndi all-natural?

Yes! The mehndi paste is home-made with no added chemicals. This is one of the most important things a mehndi artist should keep in mind. Mehndi should be all-natural and should be safe for all skin types.

How long do I need to leave the mehndi on for?
How long does the mehndi stain stay on for?
If my wedding is on xx,xx,xxxx, will my stain be okay if I do the mehndi on xx,xx,xxxx?
How long will it take to do my mehndi?
How many days before my weddinig day do you recommend I put my mehndi on?
How soon before my wedding day should I book you?

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